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ChSciTE Frequently Asked Question

When I try to Parse/Run my C/Ch/C++ source files, I get the following error: 'The system cannot find the file specified'.

Make sure that you have downloaded and installed Ch -- an embeddable C/C++ interpreter from

How can I generate graphics from chscite in windows?

you can edit: c:/Program Files/ChSciTE/, and change "command.go.subsystem.*" to "command.go.subsystem.*=1" Then you can generate the ch graphics output.

How can I run a program with parameters?

You can pre-set program parameters. Under View|Parameters, you can put your parameter values. It allows up to 4 parameters in total. Another way to run a program with arguments, you can type the command such as "ch arg1 arg2 arg3 arg4 arg5 arg6" in the output panel.

How to make the displayed font bigger for classroom presentations?

Under the menu "Options", click "Open ChScite Global Options File" to open the global configuration file In Windows, change
			font.monospace=font:Courier New,size:10
			#font.monospace=font:Courier New,size:10
			font.monospace=font:Courier New,size:20
In Unix, change
			font.monospace=font:!Bitstream Vera Sans Mono,size:9
			#font.monospace=font:!Bitstream Vera Sans Mono,size:9
			font.monospace=font:!Bitstream Vera Sans Mono,size:20

I cannot display the Ch User's guide when clicking "Help" in Windows, how to resolve it?

If your Ch is installed to a directory such as c:\xxxx other than default c:\ch, you need to edit C:\Program Files\chsciTE\ change*=C:\ch\docs\chguide.pdf to*=C:\xxxx\docs\chguide.pdf

Where should I post my questions and suggestions?

For questions and suggestions related to ChScite and Ch, post it in Ch User Group. To discuss in a forum in Chinese, please post your questions or suggestions in Ch User Group in Chinese.